Merrill Institute

Practice Quiz

1. If a turntable rotates through 720 degrees in one second, how many revolutions does it make in one minute?

2. A room in your house is 12 by 24, what are the total square feet of this room?

3. If Chad had 18 marbles and Jason had 17 marbles and Chad gave half of his marbles to Jason. How many more marbles did Jason have than Chad?

4. Carey and Pat are moving chairs to the gym. They agreed to move 74 chairs. Carey moved 28 chairs. Pat has moved 29 chairs. How many more chairs do they have left to move?

5. When Carl put the number 4 into a number machine, out came the number 9. He tried it again with the number 7; the number 12 came out that time. Carl tried again with a new number and the number 15 came out. What number had Carl put into the machine?

6. Instructor Jason formed three problem-solving teams in his class. Each team was asked to bring three colored markers, four times the number of pencils as markers, and twice the number of sheets of graph paper as pencils. How many sheets of graph paper did the class bring altogether?

7. Mindy and Jeff bought a large pizza to share. Mindy ate 5/8 of the pizza. What fraction of the pizza was left for Jeff?

8. Dale sold 152 tickets to the concert. Deena sold 16 fewer tickets than Dale. How many tickets did Deena sell?

9. Susan has 8 pairs of white socks and 6 pairs of blue socks. Her sister has 12 pairs of white socks. How many pairs of socks does Susan have?

10. The Whippy Dip was really busy today. It was 98 degrees and they sold 67 ice cream cones. They sold 15 more milkshakes than ice cream cones. How many milkshakes were sold?

11. Charlene made 60 bead necklaces. She sold 16 at a craft fair. She gave 18 to her friends. How many necklaces did Charlene have left?


Please read the paragraph and then complete the sentence with the choice that best fits for Questions 12 - 15.

BPA is a chemical that is put into plastics that are used as food containers. Unfortunately, some of the BPA passes from the containers into the foods that they are meant to protect. When people and animals eat those foods, BPA goes into their bodies.

There are studies that have found that BPA can increase our chances of getting a number of serious diseases. Many food companies are concerned about that risk and are starting to use containers that contain no BPA. That’s good right? Not necessarily. Some scientists caution that the substitute chemicals being used might turn out to be dangerous as well. They could possibly be even worse!

According to this article, BPA _______.

13. Food companies are starting to _______.

14. Some of the new food containers _______.

15. The final paragraph of the article makes the point that _______.


Please read the paragraph and then complete the sentence with the choice that best fits for Questions 16 - 19. reports that Dr. Richard B. Hoover, an astrobiologist at NASA, believes that he has found the fossils of bacteria in meteorites. In other words, he claims to have found traces of life from outer space. Not surprisingly, his claim is controversial; many scientists do not accept that Dr. Hoover has come to the correct conclusion from what he has observed. Therefore, he has invited over 5,000 scientists to review his work and to publish their comments.

Bacteria are a _______.

17. When something is controversial, people _______.

18. Dr. Hoover seems confident that his research will be proven correct because _______.

19. Based on the reading selection, which statement is true?


Bonus Questions: Correct answers to these questions are worth ½ bonus point, wrong answers will not count against your overall score. Read the tape measure for questions 20 - 27 and place answer in the blank on right.