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Career Paths

Welding is a modern profession that appeals to a variety of individuals. Everyday life in some way includes welding, it is part of just about everything we utilize on a daily basis from the cars we drive, the bridges we drive over, to the establishments we drive to. It is a part of manufacturing an aircraft, a ship or a piece of earthmoving equipment. It is an important factor in producing energy; whether it is maintaining offshore oil rigs or pipelines to powerplants and wind turbines.

Why Welding?

A career in welding offers a variety opportunities. There is a constant need for skilled labor within the workforce and welding is one of the highest careers in demand. The average age of a welder in today’s workplace is mid-fifties, nearing the age of retirement. The amount of retired employees must be replaced by the younger generation of workers that have the skill set and determination to excel at a career in welding. Welding is dynamic and challenging, it requires and allows individuals to utilize and apply new knowledge and scientific principals. Welding is a career that is constantly expanding.


Welding is a well-respected position which presents a multitude of career options. The knowledge and skill set the Merrill Institute gives its students allows for countless opportunities. Our graduates can advance to a career in an office as a welding estimator or welding engineer, in a classroom instructing students or on the shop floor as a welding supervisor or weld inspector.

Great Outlook for the Future

The career outlook for a position in welding in the manufacturing industry is very favorable. Companies are looking for highly skilled laborers. The Merrill Institute helps students take the first step to a future in a welding career by teaching students a marketable skill set, educating by utilizing modern equipment and rewarding graduates with a widely known AWS (American Welding Society) certificate.


Career Paths


  • Adam Miller

    2012 Welding Program Graduate

  • Kellen Ritter

    2013 Welding Program Graduate

  • Clinton Marshall

    2013 Welding Program Graduate