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  1. Welding Courses

    Design, Create and Shape the Future

    We offer you AWS Certified Welding Instructors, the latest state-of-the art equipment and most importantly a skill set that allows graduates to excel in a career in welding.

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  2. Corporate Services

    Whether you are located in Michigan or across the nation, let our consultants and trainers help you plan, structure and grow your business.

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    Regardless of where you are in the career development process, let the Merrill Institute be the first step in reaching your career goals.

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Accreditations & Endorsements

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Successful Alumni

  • Clinton Marshall

    2013 Welding Program Graduate

  • Jason North

    Manager of Operations & Industrial Training

  • Mark Johnston


"What I got out of the program is an understanding of how to manipulate metal. This program turns you into a Skilled Tradesman, not just someone who can fill a position at a job."Kellen Ritter, Welding Program Graduate